Mailing Templates

Below is a list of downloadable PDF templates you can use for your letters and postcard projects. Use the dimensions stated on each template to make sure your project comes out the way you planned it to.

If you have any questions or have a project size or type is not in the mailing links below please Email or call 503 393 6646, (503) 393-7980 for web press, and we will do our best to get you what you need to make your project a success.


Postcard 5.5×8.5 in Tall

Postcard 6×4 in

Postcard 8.5×5.5 in

Postcard 9×6 in

Postcard 11×6 in Postcard

Letter 11×8.5

Letter for window envelope 11×8.5

Trifold mailer 11×17 in folds to 11×5.67 in

Trifold mailer 8.5×11 in folds to 8.5×3.67 in

Trifold 8.5×11 – no mailing pannel folds to 8.5×3.67 in

Trifold Example setup

Large fold 25.5×11 in folds to 8.5×5.5 in

Half Fold 11×17 mailer folds to 8.5×11 in


Magazine Template 8 x 10.5 in

Magazine Template sample spread


Keep all text and important images at least ¼ inch from the edge of your project. (Not including bleed area)

If your project has ANY color that touches the edge of the page please include a 1/8 in bleed around EVERY side of your project (add 1/4 inch to the total dimensions of your project). This bleed area will be trimmed off after printing.

Add text to your project in a text editor, not in photoshop or other image editors. Text from images (jpeg & png) can come out blurry if the image has to be resized to something larger. Text from images also cannot be edited easily.

Make sure all of your Images are 300 pixels per inch or larger. Web size images (72 or 96 PPI) look good on the screen but are not suitable for print and may come out blurry or pixelated.

Export all finished postcards and letters as PDF PRINT files, with bleeds, if needed.

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