At Eagle Web Press, we think of our customers as family and print with enthusiasm, pride, and craftsmanship on every project we touch. We believe in supporting local journalism, promoting small businesses, and helping information flow to people through the power of the press and modern communications. That’s why we cultivate strong business relationships with content creators, advertisers, and print publishers throughout the Pacific Northwest while investing in state of the art printing technology, automation, and quality manufacturing processes that bring shared success. Our customers rely on us to provide quality print products, fast, with outstanding value and ROI. 


As a G7 certified printer, we take our commitment to quality seriously. Inconsistency with colors associated with a brand subconsciously diminishes it and erodes brand loyalty. Color issues pose a similar risk to the complex process of attracting potential new customers. The G7 standard was developed by IDEAlliance to help printers achieve the goal of consistent printing. The G stands for the grayscale values the printer creates, while the 7 stands for the 7 primary colors in the printing standard. G7 uses the principle of colorimetry, which measures visual ‘appearance’ and LaB values instead of dot percentages and ink density. In other words, it brings photographic principals to the press. This is just one example of how we strive to meet the highest standards in print to ensure you always receive the greatest return on your print investment!